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Why badgers?

Clanwilliam asked:

I have a very simple question: why badgers? Any particular reason?

You may recall the post of Sep. 26, 2012, on Legionseagle's blog, about badgers undermining a railway near Cornwall.

I'd been wanting to do Avengers fic for a while. And I live in hope of the day that I am actually able to write humor: every time I try, plot keeps sneaking in.

In RL, I teach political science & economics: one of the sections I regularly teach is when Federal courts kick into civil court issues (anything more than $75k and citizens of more than one state, which is to say, a fender-bender on an interstate offramp). Weird brain that I have, I asked the Housemate one day as we watched the DVD, 'What are the lawsuits going to be like?' And whose problem are the lawsuits -- Tony's? Stark Industries'? SHIELD's? What the hell with Coulson and Dr. Foster's stuff in Thor? He couldn't take five minutes and get an actual warrant?

Answer: he should have done. Which was Darcy's point (but I didn't know that quite yet.)

What I did know was that SHIELD is a federal agency, and therefore should have lawyers.

And I imagine, after the SNAFU of Manhattan, they'd hired some (more).

And all I really needed was a reason to introduce some.

And then the badgers popped up in Cornwall, which is good, because otherwise, I'd have gone with beavers: a name which, as you know, is American teen slang for a woman's vulva. Being unable to get that out of my brain, the badgers in Cornwall were quite fortuitous.
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Fantastic! I was hoping the answer wasn't "because otters would be silly", but noting that hano helped kickstart your train of thought means that much teasing will happen.
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Plus, beavers are so identified with Canada, badgers just fit better. :D
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I disagree that you're not writing humor. What you're not writing is comedy. Humor is funny stuff that arises naturally out of a plot about something else, and I like it much better. Stuff that tries to be funny for its own sake so rarely is.