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Rosieknight asked:

This isn't a particularly deep or insightful set of questions.

I respectfully disagree. :)

Will Steve be asking for the originals or copies of the personal photographs that have appeared within "War Journals"?

Probably. The answer he gets might surprise him, though.

Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier: likely or unlikely?

I don't have enough background on the canon of the Winter Soldier to answer this. I'll reserve judgement until I've (a) gotten some background and (b) CA2 comes out.

Mind, I've got lots of Sovietology to rely on. I suspect he'll turn up. I know Sam Wilson's showing up, and am going off to do digging on him (see my Ask at Copperbadge's tumblr)

What's your take on General Ross? Obsessed with the Hulk? Trying to punish Bruce for not being good enough for Betty? Legitimately worried about a potential threat he helped unleash on the world? Needs to take a mandatory vacation in the most remote US Army base possible?

I am fairly strongly convinced that Ross is doing his best to cover up the SNAFU of Banner's research. Further commentary I will reserve for the next chunk of "Structures, Limitations."

Awesome questions! There'll be more Headcanon of the Badgerverse next week, barring unforseen circumstances!

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